Company Distribution and Transport

We carry out for your company the operations related with the management of shipments, transshipments of goods, transport and delivery of orders.

Within the logistic service, distribution and transport have always been the fundamental pillars in the supply chain. That is why we manage effectively the transport of your goods and products, so that the supply of your company is excellent. Also aware of the importance of real-time information, we will inform you promptly of the situation of your shipments.


We have vehicles for terrestrial transport, equipped to offer a global service:

  • We have platforms adapted to the special transport of steel goods.
  • We have a tauliner (truck with side curtain walls) to expedite the loading and unloading of goods.
  • We are also equipped with a small dimensioned truck to offer a competitive and flexible small-scale delivery service.

  • We offer last mile of goods service. We take care of the unloading of goods that come from import, we unload in Logística Mc and with our means of transport, small and large trucks, we make the final delivery to the destination predetermined by the customer or forwarder.
  • We also offer you Multimodal and Intermodal transport and logistic services:

    We carry out this type of operations consisting on the articulation between different modes of transport, in order to make more efficient the operations of thansshipment of materials and goods (including containers, pallets or similar articles used for load consolidation). Multimodal transport is the one which it is necessary to use more than one type of vehicle to transport the goods from their place of origin to their final destination, but by means of a single contract of transport.

    We offer you this service using different types of transport but using a single measure of load and combined transport, that is, different means within the same transport chain.

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