Industrial deposit for paper

Logistics specialized in the paper and cardboard industry.

When you decide to store cardboard and paper, whether to recycle it, to distribute or protect it, it is needed a series of spaces suitable for the management and handling of these materials.

In Logística MC we offer you our extensive experience and storage facilities prepared to cover any constant need for space while protecting the materials sheltered in this process.



We can store and transport any type of paper and cardboard goods.

  • Paper coils

  • Cardboard coils

  • Cellulose coils

  • Cellulose pallets

  • Cellulose bulets

Ventajas de externalizar la logística


We offer you a comprehensive logistics management:

  • Location and distribution of the goods

  • Processing of documentation

  • Wrapping and packaging

  • Partial and/or complete deliveries

  • Storage and loading


The storage and handling of this type of materials are one of the most complicated on the market due to how delicate they are. It is common for the storage of paper and cardboard to be recurring occurrence in waste recycling processes, however this does not mean that we should neglect their management.

If the foods are in cardboard boxes care should be more exhaustive, since this material retains a lot of moisture and it can deteriorate putting at risk the integrity of what it contains. In the case of the paper we will apply at least the same caution, since only if a package is affected by moisture can cause the loss of the raw material or its contents in the case of packaging.

As experts in the logistics applied to the cardboard and paper industry, our storage facilities for cardboard and paper are prepared, as well as our human team to ensure the perfect condition of the materials, in every link of the distribution system.

We receive all kinds of paper and cardboard goods, from laminated paper and cardboard and cellulose pallets to paper coils.

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