Movement of goods

In Logística MC we take care of one of more importance and weight factors in the organization of your company. The Logistics.

We plan and optimize the investment that always involve making a movement of goods.

Taking this into account, having us as logistic specialists to carry out the work in this field, will allow you to dedicate more resources in other aspects of equal importance of the company.



  • Reception and preparation of orders
    We prepare all kinds of small and large-scale orders: boxes, pallets, large volume, etc.

  • Management of packaging and palletizing
    We have several forms of packaging and we adapt to the needs of your company:

    • Plastic straps
    • Iron straps
    • Palletizing goods
    • Plasticized materials
    • Repalletization
    • Handling of all types of goods
    • Package labeling


  • Preparation of delivery notes
    We take care of the generation and control of delivery notes and labelling.

  • Printing labels and invoices
    We label and verify all the goods.

  • Reception, management and control of stocks
    List of stock at any time, with updates of the latests movements.

  • Management and control of inventory
    We work with computer programs that allow us to know in every moment the inventory of goods in real time.

Outsource warehousing services with Logística MC

You will get greater profitability for your business