Warehouse with bridge crane

In Logística MC you will find logistics facilities that are adapted, for sure, to your needs.

Our warehouse with bridge crane can move high tonnage loads up to 25 Tn.

We can unload all kinds of steel material (sheet, coil, profiles, tubes, beams), heavy machinery, prefabricated, structures, concrete, wood, paper and cardboard, and any other good of high volume and/or tonnage.



  • Reception and storage of the goods
    Loading and unloading with forklift (maximum 3.000 kgs) and with bridge crane (maximum 25 TM) all kinds of goods.

  • Conditioning of the contents
    We have a large space in base and in outdoor patio.

  • Special cranes
    Handling heavy loads with high tonnage cranes (bridge crane of 10 TM and  25 TM). Height from the ground: 14 meters.

  • Transfer of goods
    From truck to truck from the same company or between different transport companies.


  • Per tonne stacked (example: paper coils)

  • Per m3 (example: cosmetics and appliances)

  • Per m2 (example: pallet)

With our two logistic warehouses we join more than 3.000 m2 of constructed area, with control and custody of the contents, as well as a large outdoor patio for maneuvers.


There are many companies that need to unload large containers, and that is why at Logística MC we have a high tonnage forklift to be able to unload them properly, from the inside.

It is essential to have adequate machinery capable of lifting all types of goods so that the merchandise is free of risks and possible damages.

Usually, shuttle or telescopic forklifts are designed to balance the load with the counterweight and prevent unexpected movements that throw the clamping out of control. In this way we make sure to offer you the best result.

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Our enclosed facilities are complemented by a narrow patio space.

In this patio can be carried out operations of loading and unloading of trucks, and operations of tranferring goods between truck with total discretion and working in the safest way.

It is ideal for operations with heavy loads without having to request a traffic closure on the street for the loading and unloading of goods, we add the facilities, planning and managing to perfection the logistical tasks.

Thanks to the patio of Logística MC your company gains in efficiency and agility.

Our logistics warehouse is located very close to the city of Barcelona and we have the largest space for handling goods from all over the periphery.

Outsource warehousing services with Logística MC

You will get greater profitability for your business

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