Logistics industry of glass

In Logística MC we have a warehouse prepared and equipped to manage the products of the industry of glass.

Specialized logistics is especially necessary in the storage of this type of products, since they are very fragile and require a certain and very specific organization to deal with the complexity of its handling.

In Logística MC we know in detail how to optimize the logistics process for the glass and delicate goods sector. We put more than 20 years of experience at your service so that you trust that you will always get the best solutions for each case you propose.

We guarantee a quality service and a customized treat focused on reducing your costs and solving any need that arises.



We can store and transport any type of glass.

  • Monolithic glass

  • Laminated glass

  • Printed glass

  • Wired glass

  • Silver glass


We offer you a comprehensive logistics management:

  • Location and distribution of the goods

  • Processing of documentation

  • Wrapping and packaging

  • Partial and/or complete deliveries

  • Storage and loads


There are several types of glass that require logistical services, but the most common are flat glass, bottles and construction fiber. All of them are fragile materials that require a number of special needs to be stored and transported.

For this reason, the glass industry requires the use of different storage methods for each product and Logística MC puts at your disposal specialized personnel to carry them out.

Organization and hygiene are also essential to prevent accidents of material breakage. Therefore, as a logistic warehouse specialized in the glass industry we use various systems to store it. In all of them we always respect the angle of inclination of the stowage among many other details that we take care in detail so that your goods remain in perfect conditions until their arrival at destination.

In Logística MC, as experts in logistics we are dedicated to the storage of all types of glass and we know the peculiarities of its this type of goods. Therefore and to resolve any doubts that may arise in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us.

We cover your needs in the logistic process for the protection and conditioning of the load.

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